It’s a given that doughnuts are a delicious fix to a sweet tooth, but what’s more satisfying is knowing that you made it yourself. Lehi Roller Mills gives you 8 effective tips to add into your recipe book, so you can make rich and creamy doughnuts right in your kitchen with your chef supplies!

The first tip is to use mashed potatoes. It may sound odd, nevertheless, using about 1/3 cup of potatoes completely mashed, can give you a fluffier texture to the inside of your doughnuts.

Next, it is important not to overmix. Cake doughnuts only need to be mixed until the ingredients are consistently combined. Meanwhile, yeast doughnut recipes often call for mixing the combined dough for five minutes.

The third tip is to invest in a biscuit cutter. This tool can efficiently make your doughnuts the perfect shape while saving time. The dough might stick to the cutter, so to avoid this dip the cutter in flour after every couple of cuts.

Tip number four is to have the right frying temperature. This is a common mistake most people make. If the temperature is not at the appropriate level the doughnuts will be either too oily or overcooked. To prevent this, the ideal temperature to cook your doughnuts is 360 degrees Fahrenheit. After your oil reaches 360 degrees, you are ready to fry.

Another useful tip is to keep your uncooked doughnuts cool. Heat can ruin the dough so keep it away from the oven or fryer.

Using chopsticks can make doughnut flipping effortless. This protects your hands from hot oil.

You want to keep your doughnuts from absorbing oil after they are cooked. To do this you can use a wire strainer to pull them out of the oil and drain off the excess.

To top it all off, glaze and icing. To achieve the perfect icing, add a small amount of powdered egg whites and cornstarch. This will also ensure a glowing gloss that gives doughnuts their appetizing looks.

Now that you have all tips and tricks to creating your delicious doughnuts, get to cooking and don’t give up! Practice makes perfect!