Choosing the name of your new restaurant is one of the many things that will require some serious attention of yours. After all, it needs to capture the essence of your restaurant.

An evocative and distinctive restaurant name is a poignant way to stand out among the multitudes of restaurants around you. It helps create a quick impression of the restaurant and influences other elements such as the decor.

For many years, descriptive names have often been the preferred style, think McDonald’s or Harry’s. But overtime restaurants owners have become creative and use their names to set themselves apart.

Among the first things to keep in mind is that your restaurant name should be simple and easy to recall. When a name is easy on the ear, it registers faster which can be useful when trying to strike an immediate chord with customers.

You can base the restaurant’s name on the chosen theme, for example the type of cuisine offered. Or it can be reflective of the restaurant location. Another popular option is to go with something that has personal significance, such as the name of someone you care about. A recent trend is quirky names, clever puns, or unusual phrases that make the restaurant name memorable. For example Wok and Roll or The Dead Rabbit!

As you consider your options, there are some fundamental aspects to keep in mind. Be careful of existing trademarked names or those that may have unpleasant associations.