A lot goes into building a restaurant … while the heart of the space is in the kitchen, you want to blow customers away with the front-of-house design as well. Many restaurant owners are blindsided by the responsibility of designing and furnishing a restaurant, but you shouldn’t feel overwhelmed. Below are tips and tricks that will making the process as easy as possible.

First, you’ll want to think of a theme. This could be one idea or a balance of several different visions, but there should be a central color scheme and tone for your new space. Think about where you find inspiration and include personal touches to make it even more comfortable.

Before hiring an interior designer (which can get pricey) you’ll want to think about your budget and end goal. How much are you willing to spend and will it benefit the business in the long run? The market includes a great range of high-end furnishing at low prices. Shop around to find the best products available that also work for your price range.

Avoid cheap or tacky decorations and furniture. Every aspect of your restaurant should be seen as an investment, always think how they’ll hold up in the long run. While everything looks good upon purchase, you want to make sure it can withstand basic wear and tear. Other factors, including dad lighting, seating or floors can all distract customers and turn them away.

More and more eateries are striving for the Instagram aesthetic, if you can incorporate unique countertops or funky wallpaper, you’ll instantly gain a new market who’ll come for the photoshoots and stay for the great food.

At American Chef Supply, we’ve worked with industry professionals at all levels. We’re always excited to help during each step of the way and willing to provide our expertise in and out of the kitchen. Need more help with equipment rather than furnishings? Call us today!