Have you ever visited a department store and didn’t know which chef supplies to buy due to the variety of choices? Many people tend to buy pots and pans without knowing which material is right for them. A good cooking supply distributes heat evenly and uniformly, whereas a poor cooking supply distributes uneven heat and most often burns the food.

The two most important factors when choosing your pots and pans are the thickness of the metal and the type of metal. Pay attention to the thickness of the pot when buying a pan. The thickness of the bottom is crucial because it helps cook the food evenly.

The type of metal you choose to buy is also essential.

  • Aluminum is used for most cooking utensils in the food service kitchens. It is lightweight and makes pots and pans easy to handle.
  • Copper is the best conductor of all; however, it is extremely expensive and requires a great deal of care.
  • Stainless steal is a poor heat conductor. It tends to scorch food easily because the heat does not disperse throughout the pan evenly.
  • Cast iron’s are chef favorites because it has a ability to distribute heat evenly and maintain high temperatures for long periods.
  • Porcelain enamel lined pans should not be used! They are actually forbidden by some health departments.
  • Nonstick plastic type of coatings require a ton of care because it is easily scratched.
  • Glass and earthenware break easily and have poor conductors, so be aware.

There are several brands out there that have the best chef supplies that are affordable and easy to handle. American Chef Supply carries the best brands for your kitchen!